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"I am writing to you because you are people who care about and help others. Some of you are active members of churches, feminist groups, social groups..." ............. kAmelia Drummund, USA


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February 2008 - Vol 2

API Visitors

The first two months of 2008 have brought a succession of visitors to Dakar to observe and participate in APIís work.
In mid-January we welcomed a team of medical volunteers from the Chicago area. This group of eight individuals came to work with the United Methodist Church to provide care and medicine as part of the churchís extensive mission program in Senegal, The group graciously donated their time, energy, and supplies to provide a free clinic to one of APIís 18 associations,In February, we welcomed three more American visitors to API. These women, Doreen Tilghman, Beverly Russell and Dr. Ruby Brown,

visited our newest association during their weekly meeting in Yoff. We were able to provide another hands-on experience to these visitors, as witnessed by the photo above. The curiosity of Doreen, Beverly, and Ruby led to great questions for the association as to why these women chose to participate in API and what impact they anticipate as they begin their loan cycles. Many women echoed their appreciation for the support that API provides in all aspects of their lives as an important factor in participating in the program.
We are grateful for the time and the willingness to engage with API participants that both of these groups donated while they were in Senegal. We hope to bring you stories of future visitors throughout 2008.

2007 Donors: Thank You!


We would like to acknowledge all of the support we received in 2007 from our friends, families, and supporters. Without the generous assistance of these individuals and organizations, API would not have been able to expand its program to reach nearly 500 women by the end of 2007. For this, we are truly grateful.2007

2007 Donors:
Darcie Brickens
Judy Brynildson
Amelia Drummond
Ethel Howe
Kim Jefferson
Linda Johnson
Scott & Leslie McBride
Bill Miller
Kurt Radke
Helen Richardson
Cheryl Smoleki
Winnie Tay
Toni Taylor
Doreen Tilghman
Laura Ujereh
We also want to thank the following churches for their generous support of API:
  • AP Shaw United Methodist Church, Washington DC
  • The Community Church of Vero Beach, Florida
  • Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, Indiana
How You Can Help
Donations by check can be mailed to: Anti Poverty Initiative 10444 Kensington Way Indianapolis, IN. 46234 USA
We can also accept donations online via PayPal.
Please see the donations page on our Website:
We appreciate all your help as we work to reduce poverty in Senegal.
About Our OrganizationÖ
The Anti-Poverty Initiative is committed to reducing poverty amongst women in Senegal through micro-enterprise training, micro-loans and savings initiatives. It is through these initiatives that we also seek to empower women and promote financial self-reliance.

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