Dear Family and Friends,

Today I am not forwarding an email. Today I am writing to you to ask you to look at a much needed program. The website is www.antipovertyinitiative.org.
I am writing to you because you are people who care about and help others. Some of you are active members of churches, feminist groups, social groups; others have volunteered beside me working at a soup kitchen, or donated dinners to the needy at Thanksgiving. In some instances you are Africans in diaspora who have visited Senegal, know something of the country and its needs and potentials; and, in other instances you are white Americans or Canadians who have embraced Senegal to some extent. Please visit this website.
Times are tough…..however, times are tougher still for the women who participate in this program. What is a blessing, though, is the availability of an avenue toward self-empowerment. I have visited one of the groups (of 20 or so women) and can personally attest to the efficacy of this anti-poverty initiative. These women have developed a food co-op, allowing them basement pricing for food; each woman has a savings account, with weekly deposits, to develop an asset base. The group has classes on money management, for home and business, and each woman is an entrepreneur…she is a businesswoman. These women sell fabric, fish, seafoods, vegetables, both fresh and pickled, fruits, incense, oils, etc. I was so impressed by the group and its progress, here I am reaching out to you.
The administration of this program requires fund raising. All of the administrators are volunteers, either professionals or business people. All funds are used for the direct implementation of this program….the seed monies to get these small businesses off and running. For me this empowerment is superior to any welfare system. Here an economic base is being created….and there are children who will go to bed well fed rather than hungry
All donations are tax deductible if you are a US taxpayer. I encourage you to appeal to your congregations, club members and your conscience. There is no donation too small or too large!

Thank you.