Program Methodology

API employs a Solidarity Group Methodology in its work. It means working with groups of women who share common objectives and who offer mutual support to fellow members. The group sizes are between 15 and 25 members.

We guide the groups in the process of electing their group leaders and in leadership training.

At the orientation session, with our guidance, each group sets its annual goals, including establishing an asset-building scheme that works by requiring members to save money on a regular basis as a way of promoting self-reliance.

The training itself will involve basic business skills training with the goal of increasing participants’ chances of maximizing their business’s profitability. Some of the business skills we teach include product planning and the various aspects of marketing with emphasis on pricing, which are important skills to have for business sustainability.

A second aspect of the training is Family Finance Management. The aim of this training is to enable participants to make the most efficient use of their family’s income. Efficient spending, irrespective of the household size, can contribute to poverty reduction as long as spending is organized based on a well-considered set of priorities and accompanied by discipline.